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“Hands Are Not For Hitting, Hands Are For Helping” is a book reading and book donation project developed by Zonta Club of Hilo. Volunteer Zontians connect with preschoolers and give out books in the Best Behavior Series, including “Hands Are Not For Hitting.” The children interact with the ideas in the book by suggesting all the wonderful things hands can do.

Breaking the cycle of violence has to start early. For more than a decade, the Zonta Club of Hilo has taken the message “Hands Are Not For Hitting, Hands Are For Helping” to East Hawai`i preschoolers. Beginning in 2009, Zontians began purchasing the books and giving them away—often the child’s first book and for some the first in the home. Every year since, Zonta Club of Hilo has continued to visit preschools to promote peaceful ways of problem solving. In addition to reading, other “Hands On” activities have including painting children’s hands and printing them for display, singing and dancing, and other creative projects.

Na Lima Aloha

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the club adapted the project concept to an online presentation, creating our own presentation for online distribution.

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