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Magnificent Me is a signature service project of the Zonta Club of Hilo to introduce adolescent girls to confidence-building strategies and tools.   The half day conference brings about 120 middle school-aged girls from Honoka’a to Ka’ū public schools to the University of Hawai’i at Hilo for a suite of workshops designed to inspire a strong sense of self.

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Inspiring a Strong Sense of Self

We want to catch that pivot point as the world opens before them. We will introduce them to life skills such as communication, goal setting and confidence building. This program is by invitation only.

Empowering Adolescent Girls

Girls experience obstacles and discrimination early. They’re the target of 24/7 media messages that promote unrealistic images of what it is to be beautiful and successful. If we invest in our girls, offering better models and more holistic ideas about beauty and we may help them unlock limitless potential and drive them to make positive impacts in socio-economic change.

The Zonta Club of Hilo is putting its mission – empowering women through service and advocacy – into action with adolescent girls. Magnificent Me is an initiative focused on exposure and empowerment before these girls, or “tweens,” transition into teenagers. The Magnificent Me project brings together about 120 seventh grade girls from public schools throughout East Hawai‘i (from Honoka‘a to Ka‘ū) for a full day conference at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo campus to build confidence, explore career pathways, and enhance life skills.

The setting is purposeful. Exposing the girls to the university can inspire their thirst for education. The conference features a series of workshops on campus aimed at empowering girls to dream; crafting plans to achieve goals; celebrating their unique qualities; and fine-tuning their communication skills. Prominent professional women across industries are featured throughout the conference as keynote speakers and presenters.

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