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Track Policy Legislation

Create your own profile and track legislation at the Hawai’i State Legislature.

Hearings always come in short notice, typically between 24-48 hours. Prepare your testimony in advance and sign up for notifications here.

Provide your testimony in a variety of ways, online testimony can be made here.

Hawaii Public Access Room

Hawaii is only 1 of 2 states that have this resource. Use it! Super helpful information about the process to make policy legislation.

Go To Public Access Room Resources

Tips on Preparing Testimony

The advocacy committee has arranged for a presentation by the Hawaii Public Access Room.

Public Access Room (PAR) provides the public with information, facilities, and services to assist them as they engage and participate in the State legislative process.

Ever wonder how laws are created in our state and how you can try to affect them? The Legislature’s Public Access Room (PAR) will be presenting its “Your Voice” Presentation to demystify our state’s legislative process and teach citizens how they can have a say in which bills become law. You’ll learn about the legislative process, deadlines, and power dynamics at the Capitol, as well as gain tips and techniques on effective lobbying, testimony, and communicating with State Senators and Representatives.

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